The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

What’s Happening to Track and Field?

Jan 29th, 2023
5:17 pm PST

How do you ruin something good? Well, how about trying to fix something that isn’t broken? Like trying to get rid of the 200 and triple jump. I mean who needs Noah Lyles, Erriyon Knighton, Kenny Bednarek, Shericka Jackson, Abby Steiner, Christian Taylor, or Yulimar Rojas in the sport?

Maybe you could invalidate the competition of all field events except the final attempt? Making only the final jump or throw matter! I mean, who cares what the athletes did previously? Why should it matter if a record was set in one of the previous FIVE attempts?

Perhaps you should use electronic equipment, like starting blocks and computers, that can sense movement before it even happens!! You know, like “pre crime” in the movie “Minority Report”! We’ll get the cheaters before they get a chance to cheat, and throw them out! After all the goal is to eliminate as many athletes as possible. No one goes to a meet to actually see them compete!

Or you could stop qualifying athletes for the Olympics and World Championships based on how fast they’ve run; or how far they’ve thrown, or jumped. But rather based on whether they’ve competed in meets mandated by the “powers that be”. After all, Championship meets should be about the athletes that bend the knee to the powers that be! Not the best athletes available in each event. I mean, who wants to see the best athletes competing? Duh.

OR you could pretend that only marks that happen in Europe really happen. Marks occurring in the US or other locations really don’t happen! They occur in the Matrix. Because only Europe is in the land of the real, to quote Morpheus! Or maybe Europe is the Matrix. I’m confused, as is everyone else.

As stupid and absurd, the above sounds. They’re all things either done, or attempted, by your friendly, neighborhood World Athletics. Because. Well, I’m not sure why to be honest. None of the things started out being broken. Some are broken now, however. Apparently World Athletics is bored and looking for something to do. So, they’ve decided to focus on ways to eliminate athletes and performances, because that’s what all of the above items do – focus on getting rid of athletes. Ironically primarily those in the US! Not sure how that’s supposed to IMPROVE the sport, which ostensibly is the job of World Athletics.

To that end, they could look to create more elite meets OUTSIDE of EUROPE! In the US, Canada, South America, and Africa. You know, where the bulk of the sport’s elite athletes live and train.

How about working with athletic Federations that could use help doing a better job of drug testing. Or even getting their athletes to major Championships. With things like visas and sometimes transportation itself. Federations in Africa and South America, for example.

Or, dare I say, working to expand the World Championships to Africa, Indonesia and South America. Locations like Nairobi, Cali, or Jakarta could probably do so with a little help.

The sport of track and field doesn’t need a make over by World Athletics. It does need expansion beyond its currently limited walls! In a world where the word “inclusion” has become a buzz word. World Athletics seems Hell bent on elimination! I thought their job was to build the sport, not tear it down? What do you think?

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