The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

The Best of 202One

Nov 30th, 2021
2:01 pm PST

We had to wait two years for 202One. The athletes had to adjust to what amounted to the craziest circumstances ever faced in an Olympic build up. After all was said and done however, and the Olympic season was one of the best ever! ! Hats off to the athletes who performed most admirably. Literally every week of the season produced performances that could stand on their own in any year of competition Read More...

Lessons Learned in 2021

Nov 24th, 2021
3:39 pm PST

After a year and a half delay due to Covid, track and field finally got back on track! Literally and figuratively. Even though the first half of the season was conducted in mostly empty venues, the athletes were just happy to compete - and it showed. Mostly empty as in with no one but other athletes, coaches, and a handful of support to cheer them on Read More...

Amazing US Male Sprint Depth

Nov 22nd, 2021
12:58 pm PST

The Olympics and World Championships used to be fairly easy to predict. The US and Jamaica would split the sprint medals. Kenya and Ethiopia would split the middle and long distances. Europe would win the throws. And a hodge podge of athletes would scramble after the jumps and multi medals. That's kind of how track and field had been divided up amongst the world Read More...