The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

How to Repopularize Track in America

Jun 20th, 2022
4:12 pm PDT

As we prepare for the start of our national championships, one of the biggest "complaints" about track and field in the United States, is that it's lacking in popularity! And the "question" that is always on the table is, "how do we make it more popular" or interesting. Personally, I don't see the sport as unpopular, but I have seen the drop in popularity Read More...

Trials Preview

Jun 15th, 2022
11:07 am PDT

Now that we've gotten past the first big championship meet of the year (NC's) we're days, not weeks, away from US Trials. Days as in about 10. A meet that many consider as tough as Worlds. Given its depth and cutthroat nature. This year should be no different with several high level matchups on the horizon Read More...

NCAA Preview

Jun 7th, 2022
2:39 pm PDT

We're a day out from the NCAA Championships and I think I'm nearly as nervous as the athletes and teams are! Based on what I've seen during the conference and Regional competitions, there should be some serious fireworks in Eugene this week, because this year, we've got serious matchups in just about every event on the program Read More...