The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

The False Start Rule is a Problem

Sep 22nd, 2022
11:17 am PDT

Watching all of the championship track and field that's occurred this year, I've been struck by something. I've noticed that the sport is getting a bit obsessed with its rules and technology! By obsessed, I mean that the sport seems more concerned with using it's rules and technology to eliminate and punish athletes and performances, than they do to highlight and celebrate their accomplishments Read More...

2022 – One Outstanding Season

Sep 12th, 2022
12:53 pm PDT

Just as the letter Z closes out the alphabet. Zurich and Zagreb have closed out the 2022 track season. And what a season it's been. More Championships than ever in one season with NCAA's, Nationals, Worlds, U20's, Commonwealth, NACAC, and Europeans! That's enough to fill an Olympic cycle, let alone one year Read More...