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Florida Relays Leads Weekend

Apr 9th, 2013
9:11 pm PDT

PlaceholderAnother nice weekend of track and field in the books with the Florida Relays serving as the center piece. Florida didn’t disappoint with a Tyson Gay sighting, David Oliver debut and some hot running in the speed events. If early returns are any indication, this could be the Year of the Youth, as several young people stepped up into potentially starring roles. Take a look.


Florida Relays

Octavious Freeman (UCF) 11.02 (+1.2) – Freeman nearly became the year’s first sub 11. A hot PR so early in the season, says sub11 could be just around the bend. It looks like having a training partner at her level is passing dividends.

Aaron Brown (USC) & Darrell Wesh (VaTech) 10.15 (+2.1) – With the wind barely over the allowable, these were great times for both young men.

Tony McQuay (US) 10.22 (+1.3) – I watched this race and all I could say was WOW, because this kid is a quartermiler by trade! You couldn’t tell midway through this race however. He looked good, real good, with possibly better things ahead.

Bryshon Nellum (USC) 45.54 / Najee Glass (FL) 45.71 / David Verburg (Geo Mason) 45.76 / Josh Mance (US) 45.76 / Arman Hall (FL) 45.83 – This was possibly a preview of the NCAA final – in April no less. All these kids looked good, and Nellum looked like the kid everyone was excited about in high school. And speaking of high school, that’s where the Florida pair was this time last year  in high school! This event is going to be hit on the collegiate scene.

David Oliver 13.48 /Jeff Porter 13.50 (+1.0) – Two of America’s best hurdlers opened up with solid if not spectacular performances. Both looked healthy, and good health is going took be very important in this event with Aries Merritt setting new standards of excellence last year and Jason Richardson not very far behind.

Johnny Dutch 49.09 – Nice to see Dutch open up well in his pet event with this world leading effort. Looks like he should be a major factor this year.

Gainesville Elite 38.52 (Mike Rodgers come from behind) Star Athletics 38.59 (Gatlin backstretch) – This event had progressed to the point where these times are the equivalent of very good collegiate sprinting. That said, there were two things that I found impressive. One was the Justin Gatlin backstretch run that opened up a serious lead for Star Athletics. Bodes well for the backstretch of the US international squad where Gatlin ran backstretch in London. Even more impressive however, was Mike Rodgers coming from behind to snatch victory for the Gainesville Elite squad! If he continues to run like that he could force a change somewhere on a squad that ran the #2 time ever last year.

One Goal Athletics 3:24.58, Florida 3:27.43, Texas 3:27.97 – Very fast running for so early in the year for all three of these women squads. Look for Florida and Texas to create some fireworks at the NCAA Championships.

Adidas 3:02.80 (Tyson Gay lead off w McQuay & Wariner) – McQuay and Wariner solid as usual. The story here was the leadoff leg turned in by Tyson Gay. Haven’t find a split but definitely looked to be somewhere in the 45-high/46-low range. Now we’ll see what this year’s times look like with a full season of background training behind him.


Jim Click Invitational

Justin Austin (IA) 20.55 (-1.5) – #2 time in the world early on. What’s impressive however is that it’s near his PR (20.46) and done into a headwind. Could be someone to watch.

Iowa 39.35 – Fairly impressive early session mark. Will Iowa be an NCAA factor in the short relay?

Cory Carter (Stan) 54.71, Georgianne Moline 54.98 – A PR and WL for Carter as well as the win over Moline! Could we be liking at the next hour American duo over this distance?


Auburn Invitational

Spencer Adams 13.40 (-0.2) – #2 time in the world currently, but more importantly a potential breakthrough add it’s only .01 off his PR. Another to watch during the early season.



Charles Silmon (TCU) 10.25 (-1.2) – Looks like Silmon may indeed be in breakthrough mode following up last week’s windy sub10 with this wind negative 10.2! Now if err can get a refund legal race to compare.

Jason Richardson (US) 13.47 (+1.5) – Nice opener for the Olympic silver medallist.

Natoya Goule (LSU) 2:01.18 – A world leading PR for the Jamaican who appears to be ready to give her country another mid distance threat to go with Kenia Sinclair.


Crimson Tide Invitational

Diondre Batson (AL) 20.61(0.0) – A local NorCal product that I think bears watching. A nice early season time and only .1 of his PR. Great JC season last year – similar to Ryan Bailey in JC.

Brannon Kidder (PennSt) 1:47.71 – Freshman that looked really good early on during the indoor season. With Loxsom as a teammate he could have a rapid progression.

Alabama 39.17 – Another very good early season relay mark. NCAA’s could be very hot this year in this event.


Next Week’s Top Meets

Expect more fireworks this coming weekend. Look to the south for most of the action and look to the speed events early in the season for the hottest Acton.

Sea Ray Relays – Knoxville

McDonnell Invitational – Fayetteville

Seminole Invitational – Tallahassee

Ole Miss Invitational – Oxford

Texas Invitational – Austin

UTEP Invitational  – ElPaso

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