The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

Relay Chatter – The 4×4’s

Jul 12th, 2012
9:33 am PST

Ok, now that everyone thinks I'm crazy - because I believe the 4x1 is winnable by the US men - let's talk about the really fun relay, the 4x4. First off I have to say that I hope the World Championships puts this event back where it belongs on the schedule - as the closing event! Yes we got a WR out of the 4x1 in Daegu but it usually takes a WR in the shorter relay to bring the excitement that nearly every 4x4 brings each time out Read More...

Relay Chatter – The 4×1’s

Jul 10th, 2012
3:29 pm PST

Relays are fun, exciting and frankly if it were up to me we would have more than just four of them in the Olympics - or Worlds. We need some sort of global world relay gathering. Maybe replace the outdated World Cup with such an event. Something more exciting that would get the world’s best together in a different and exciting fashion – and I’m talking about the field events as well Read More...

On The Fly Update

Jul 10th, 2012
9:14 am PST

Like I said in my last post, things are happening fast, with the Games literally around the corner. Had surgery earlier today (gall bladder removal) and as I lay here at 3:00am unable to sleep it's me and the tablet and track and field catching up on a few things I missed this weekend. Let's start with the Russian champs which rank up there with the US, Kenya, and Jamaican meets for Games' impact Read More...

Post Trials Notes and Paris

Jul 7th, 2012
11:14 am PST

Everything is happening fast a furious now, and I’ve been a bit under the weather and trying to get caught up. So with the Diamond League already back under way,a few thoughts on Paris and where everyone is at this point with only weeks to go to London. First topic Usain Bolt. In spite of some amazing performances being turned in from several athletes, "what's wrong with Bolt" seems to be leading the conversation Read More...

No Excuse for What Happened to Tarmoh

Jul 6th, 2012
9:28 am PST

I've hesitated on saying anything about "Dead Heat Gate" not because I don't have an opinion but because I've felt there were far to many opinions out there already. But the more I read, the more I'm angered that the villain in all this comes back to Tarmoh. Don't get me wrong, personally I say a warrior competes Read More...

The Team is Set, How Do We Look?

Jul 5th, 2012
12:57 pm PST

Four years ago we had a poor performance in Beijing - one of our poorest ever. But as we prepare for London in approximately 30 days, we could be sending out best squad ever to a Major championship event. Yes, we have some events where we are just not up to standard, but overall this team is as strong, if not stronger, than any team I can remember - and I remember a lot of teams Read More...

Trials Final Weekend

Jul 2nd, 2012
11:21 am PST

After over a week of action, the Trials wrapped things up in nice style this weekend. There were only 2 finals on the track on Saturday, but 5 on Sunday. With 2 field finals each day. One would almost think they could have had single day “finale” and did it up right for the fans. Still there was some great action over the final two days Read More...