The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

US Olympic Trials, First Half

Jun 26th, 2024
8:51 pm PDT

The wait is finally over. The biggest meet outside of the Olympic Games is finally under way. Many of the world's best athletes are American. Making the competition here very deep and competitive. Add the qualifying procedure that only places the top three finishers in each event, and you have a very electrifying meet Read More...

Pre Trials Thoughts

Jun 17th, 2024
9:24 am PDT

With most country's selection meets literally days away, there are still many many questions regarding who will be lining up in Paris France. Not sure I can remember a year with so many late debuts, or so few competitions for athletes that should be in contention. Usually by now, I have a pretty good idea who will be on Team USA Read More...

Two Weeks Until Trials

Jun 10th, 2024
11:15 am PDT

As the NCAA Championships end. The European Championships begin to hit their stride. And the New York Grand Prix is in the books. We sit two weeks away from the Olympic Trials! Usually by now, things are pretty solidified as far as who the strong contenders for Team USA are. As I look at my own notes, and graphs, etc however, I'm still hesitant on many many spots for this team Read More...

Early Trials Thoughts

Jun 3rd, 2024
5:24 am PDT

It's about that time. We're about three weeks until the Olympic Trials. Here in the US that's what we call our Olympic team selection meet. Other countries call it something else. While still others use a completely different selection process. No matter what it's called, or how it's done, by the end of June we will know who will be competing in Paris! As the season has progressed, there has been much talk about the competitions to date and how athletes have looked Read More...