The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

Noah and the 4×4

Mar 4th, 2024
9:47 am PST

Of all the competitions in track and field, the World Indoor Championships tends to be one of the least popular championship meets in the sport. That's typically because most athletes are still in their base training mode. As a result, the fields in most events aren't nearly as deep as they will be come Olympic Trials time Read More...

Men’s 200m Outlook, 2024

Dec 13th, 2023
8:34 am PST

So, with the 100m in the books, as well as a discussion on the relay, let's take a look at the 200m. I'll start by saying that we have the fastest/deepest group that the event has ever seen! Three of the six fastest ever (four of ten) are currently competing. With ten of the top twenty all time running on the track this year Read More...

Men’s 100m Outlook, 2024

Oct 25th, 2023
1:16 pm PDT

The annual post season "break" is almost over. That period of time after the final meet of the year when elite athletes go on vacations, rest, and recharge their batteries. Anywhere from a few weeks for some, to a couple of months for others. Recovery from the wars of the season, before beginning preparation for the next season, which in this case will be an Olympic year! Ah yes, the Olympics Read More...

Texas and Florida Signal Start of the Season

Mar 29th, 2023
8:03 am PDT

This year's indoor season was as good as I've ever seen. Personally I much prefer outdoors, but the marks that were churned out this year, were nothing short of stellar. Especially on the women's side. This coming with most "elite" athletes either not competing at all indoors, or only making a brief appearance Read More...

Fred Kerley – Different

Jul 13th, 2022
8:36 am PDT

Fred Kerley is a man on a mission. You see it on the track. You see it in his social media. You hear it in his interviews. The man is focused on one thing - being great. He says so. He's described on the internet and in podcasts as a ninja, a beast, a demon, an animal. I'm going to simply say that he's, different Read More...

Time to Break the Men’s 4×1 World Record…

May 7th, 2022
1:07 pm PDT

Yes, you read that right. I, a citizen of the United States, am talking about breaking the 4x1 record. Of course, given our men's international record in the event since the mid 90's. I'm sure many of you are either chuckling, or laughing out loud. I mean, just last year, we failed to make the Olympic final Read More...

Pre Championships Update

May 3rd, 2022
1:50 pm PDT

This has been one of the hardest seasons to keep up with that I can remember. And that is actually a good thing. Literally every time I've tried to sit down and write about my thoughts on the season, news of something faster, further, or higher goes across my screen. Making me feel like I'm always behind Read More...

How Fast in 2022?

Apr 28th, 2022
6:19 am PDT

The full question is actually duplicate questions. Spurred by the boasting of one Fred Kerley. The questions are. How fast will Fred Kerley run in 2022? And, how fast will the fastest sprinter run in 2022? Where does this come from? It comes from Kerley saying he is going to break the WR this year Read More...

Early Season Thoughts

Jan 18th, 2022
3:41 pm PST

Hear ye, hear ye. The 2022 season has begun! A slew of indoor invitationals have got things finally going. And while we're a couple of weeks away from the "elite" invites. We've away gotten some pretty outstanding results coming in. Enough for me to say that 2022 could be an even better year statistically than last year! Some thoughts from this weekend Read More...

Amazing US Male Sprint Depth

Nov 22nd, 2021
12:58 pm PST

The Olympics and World Championships used to be fairly easy to predict. The US and Jamaica would split the sprint medals. Kenya and Ethiopia would split the middle and long distances. Europe would win the throws. And a hodge podge of athletes would scramble after the jumps and multi medals. That's kind of how track and field had been divided up amongst the world Read More...