The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

NCAA Preview

Jun 7th, 2022
2:39 pm PDT

We're a day out from the NCAA Championships and I think I'm nearly as nervous as the athletes and teams are! Based on what I've seen during the conference and Regional competitions, there should be some serious fireworks in Eugene this week, because this year, we've got serious matchups in just about every event on the program Read More...

NCAA Regionals and Pre

May 29th, 2022
7:28 pm PDT

Well that was one Hell of a weekend. Basically three high level meets, since the NCAA treats the first two rounds of its National Championships as two separate meets. Thoughts on that in another post. Either way, this past weekend was hot hot hot. In spite of two of the competitions having inclement weather! That's how good the sport is right now - sizzling hot Read More...

Regional Forecast – HOT

May 22nd, 2022
8:12 pm PDT

This has been a very interesting weekend of track and field. Here in the State of California, the various high school "sectional" Championships were held. The qualifiers for next week's State Championship meet. So there was excitement up and down the state, as those cut throat meets whittled the playing field down to about 27 competitors per event Read More...

Pre Championships Update

May 10th, 2022
11:04 am PDT

After watching several early season meets including Texas, Tom Jones, and MtSAC among others. As we approach the qualifying events that lead to the NCAA Championships what has become evident, is that the collegiate champs are going to be HOT! As in extremely exciting and blazing fast. Faster than last year as a matter of fact Read More...

Time to Break the Men’s 4×1 World Record…

May 7th, 2022
1:07 pm PDT

Yes, you read that right. I, a citizen of the United States, am talking about breaking the 4x1 record. Of course, given our men's international record in the event since the mid 90's. I'm sure many of you are either chuckling, or laughing out loud. I mean, just last year, we failed to make the Olympic final Read More...

Next Up – NCAA Indoor Championships

Mar 10th, 2022
11:21 am PST

This is what the indoor season has been building to - Collegiate and World championships. Yes, the season has been entertaining.. And several athletes have had the opportunity to test themselves, work on their craft and get ready for the outdoor season. But for those that run outdoors and treat it like a season unto itself, it's the championships that they do it for Read More...

Early Season Thoughts

Jan 18th, 2022
3:41 pm PST

Hear ye, hear ye. The 2022 season has begun! A slew of indoor invitationals have got things finally going. And while we're a couple of weeks away from the "elite" invites. We've away gotten some pretty outstanding results coming in. Enough for me to say that 2022 could be an even better year statistically than last year! Some thoughts from this weekend Read More...

It’s Prediction Time – US Trials Relays…

May 30th, 2021
6:06 pm PDT

This season has been moving along so quickly, that it's been too fast to keep up with - pun intended. Literally every few days something extraordinary has occurred. Athing Mu, Trayvon Bromell, Allyson Felix, Kenny Bednarek, Gabby Thomas, Terrance Laird, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! It's now mere weeks from the NCAA Championships and the Olympic Trials - and time to start to spec out who's going to be taking that trip to Tokyo Read More...

Up and Coming

Mar 14th, 2021
7:18 am PDT

One of the hottest indoor seasons in recent memory, is coming to a close. As we get ready to head outdoors, I wanted to take a look at a few athletes that have proven worthy of being on someone's watch list - mine. Every Olympic year, there are athletes that emerge that no one thought about the year before that become good enough to go to the Games Read More...

First Prediction – US 100 Men

Nov 8th, 2020
7:36 pm PST

It's the end of the year, and a stones throw to the US Trials. That, and the suspension of Coleman has everyone trying to figure out the men's sprint squad. That's not going to be easy, because not everyone competed in 2020. Those that did had an abbreviated season and right now everyone is training for 2021 Read More...