The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

World Athletics and the Athlete of the Year

Dec 14th, 2023
11:36 am PST

It's the end of the year and that time we call, awards time. Nothing out of the ordinary, as we've been doing this for decades. Choosing the Best of the Year in a myriad of topics, including sports, entertainment, books and other subjects. It's basically a celebration of the many things that we love Read More...

Men’s 200m Outlook, 2024

Dec 13th, 2023
8:34 am PST

So, with the 100m in the books, as well as a discussion on the relay, let's take a look at the 200m. I'll start by saying that we have the fastest/deepest group that the event has ever seen! Three of the six fastest ever (four of ten) are currently competing. With ten of the top twenty all time running on the track this year Read More...