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Women’s 1500 Trials Should be Fierce

Apr 12th, 2012
5:28 pm PDT

Anna PierceI want to talk a bit about the false start rule, as well as some of the weekend’s upcoming meets, and Monday’s marathon – and I’m going to do that tomorrow as we head into the weekend. After putting together my early Trials favorites list however, I couldn’t help but take another look at the women’s 1500 because just like the men’s 110 hurdles, we have one of the best fields ever in US Trials history shaping up.

The depth is not quite as deep as the men’s hurdles, but the quality at the top is just as good, if not better.

Top Current American Women 1500 Runners

3:59.38 Anna Pierce #3 all time American
3:59.59 Christin Wurth Thomas #4 all time American
3:59.90 Jenny Simpson #5 all time American
4:00.06 Morgan Uceny #6 all time American
4:00.33 Shannon Rowbury #8 all time American

The drop from here is to Erin Donohue at 4:03.49, – not that long ago that would have made her a favorite. Not only is the above group fast, however, but they are also accomplished on the world stage.

  1. Morgan Uceny was #1 in the world for 2011.
  2. Jenny Simpson was the 2011 World Champion.
  3. Shannon Rowbury was the 2011 World bronze medalist and the ‘08 Games 7th placer – best ever US finish in the Olympics.
  4. Christin Wurth Thomas was 5th in the ‘09 World Championships.

The group has started the year well as nearly all competed indoors:

Simpson 4:07.27 – 1500 8:58.70 – 3000
Rowbury 4:07.66 – 1500 8:55.06 – 3000
Uceny 4:08.06 – 1500 2:38.44 – 1000
Pierce 4:39.97 – mile 2:38.91 – 1000

But the bottom line here is that five of the best ever 1500 meter runners to grace the track in the US are going to be running for only three tickets to London! At least two of America’s best ever will be left home to watch.

The race should come down to the hard charging Wurth Thomas who will set the pace at Trials and be a threat to steal the race from the gun. Uceny will be the one to focus on her positioning in the race and will be the one you have to go through to get to the podium. Then you’ll have Rowbury, Simpson, and Pierce charging like souped up hot rods towards the finish. A finish that should be extremely close – last year’s race came down to Wurth Thomas missing the team for Daegu by a mere .01 sec. The race this year in Eugene could be wilder in the stretch than the 400 meters.

It’s going to be fun watching these women work their way towards Eugene. The key, in my humble opinion, will to watch how they finish the final 600 meters of their races leading up to the Trials. That will be the best indicator of just who might make the squad. The Trials will be a great race – and a heartbreaker for those that don’t make it.

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3 Responses to “Women’s 1500 Trials Should be Fierce”

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  1. Kevin Liao says:

    Don’t forget about Brenda Martinez. She hasn’t run that fast 1500 yet but she had a great indoor season including nearly beating Simpson at USA’s.

    • CHill says:

      She was strong indoors .. Forgot about her.. She showed guts and a turn of speed against Simpson .. She could be a threat IF she can handle the pace .. A tactical race would really suit her ..

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