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Pre Trials Notes

Jun 19th, 2012
1:14 pm PST

Hayward FieldWe’re just a couple of days from the start of the Trials. There’s not much more to be said other than, let’s get ready to rumble, because all that’s left to do at this point is for the athletes to enter the stadium and decide who goes to London! I did spend some time going through the online entry sheets on Monday and following are twenty one items of interest from that perusal. Take note that at this point some items could change at any time.

21 Notes From the Declaration List


  1. None of the star high schoolers are entered in the men’s sprints – Tyreek Hill, Abraham Hall, Marvin Bracy, and Levonte Whitfield. Hill just won the sprint double at Junior Nationals and will lead the junior sprinters at World Juniors.
  2. High school 400 stud Aldrich Bailey won the 400 at Junior Nationals, and is declared for the Trials.
  3. Junior college sprint star Diondre Batson, has qualified for the 200, but is only provisional in the 100.
  4. ’04 Trials champion Muna Lee has not qualified for the 100 this time around.
  5. NCAA 200 runner up Ameer Webb has scratched.
  6. Sub 20 sprinters Rodney Martin and Curtis Mitchell have not qualified in the deuce this time around.
  7. Sprinter Tianna Madison is not entered in the 200 or long jump.
  8. Kimberlyn Duncan is scratched from the 100, meaning she is focusing solely on the deuce.She may have the freshest legs of all the major competitors.
  9. Sanya Richards Ross has declared for the 200 so is attempting the 200/400 double.
  10. Allyson Felix is not listed on any of the official sprint lists as of Sunday 6/17. (Bobby Kersee confirmed this morning, however, that she is running the 100/200 double.
  11. Andrew Wheating is only provisional for the 800.
  12. Neither Anna Pierce, Morgan Uceny,  or Jenny Simpson are listed at all in the 800.
  13. Phoebe Wright has qualified, and declared, in the 1500 and will be attempting an 800/1500 double, as will Brenda Martinez.
  14. Galen Rupp is declared in both the 5k/10k and attempting the double. Also down for the double are Chris Derrick, Matt Tegenkamp and Dathan Ritzenhein.
  15. Amy Hastings and Lisa Uhl are down for the 5k/10k double on the women’s side.
  16. Andra Manson and Jamie Nieto are only provisional for the high jump.
  17. Hyleas Fountain has scratched from the open high jump.
  18. Mike Woepse and Scott Roth are provisional in the pole vault.
  19. Will Claye qualified and declared in both the long and triple jumps.
  20. Christian Taylor is provisional in the long jump.
  21. Mason Finley has scratched from the shot put, provisional in the discus.

So, it’s finally time to decide the team. Should be a great week of track and field!


2 Responses to “Pre Trials Notes”

  1. Mike M says:

    As of right now, Robby Andrews is only declared in the 1500, not the 800.

  2. Anderson says:

    I’m pretty sure the athletes that are declared and have and empty box under deceleration are one and the same.
    Felix is not declared in the 400, 200, or 100, but is entered in all of them.

    And Madison is entered in the 200 and long jump. She only has the provisional mark in long jump.

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