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Blake Upsets Bolt at Jamaica Trials!

Jun 29th, 2012
8:18 pm PST

Yohan BlakeBefore I get to our Trials, everyone had been waiting on the Jamaica Trials to see what the sprinters there are doing. Well, London is going to be hot in the short sprints. In the women’s 100, Shelly Ann Fraser wins in 10.70 (+0.6) over VCB (10.82), Kerron Stewart (10.94), and Sherone Simpson (11.01). So there’s your 3 for London, plus relay – more than likely.

On the men’s side we get an "upset" as Yohan Blake wins in a PR 9.75 (+1.1) over Usain Bolt (9.86), Asafa Powell (9.88), and Michael Frater (9.94). Their 3 for London plus relay – again more than likely. I haven’t seen video yet, so hard to comment on the race. As soon as I can find video I’ll upload and comment.

For now I  will say that A) Jeter v Fraser will produce the fastest race ever outside of that US Trials 10.49 by FloJo, and B) Gatlin, Gay, Blake, Bolt, Powell roll produce the fastest ever 1 thru 5 finish in history. I will also say that Trials results mean little with respect to Olympic results.

The goal at everyone’s Trials is to make it to the Olympics. There is still time for everyone to further their preparations. So no medals are given out this week. I say that because I know there are those wondering about Bolt; or ready to anoint Blake; or questioning Gay; or critiquing what Gatlin can or can’t do. All have done well and have time to do better.The last two Olympic champions BOTH lost their Trials races – Bolt to Powell in ’08, and Gatlin to Greene in ’04. I think that in itself says it all.

Now let me take a look at US Trials. Be back in a bit.

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8 Responses to “Blake Upsets Bolt at Jamaica Trials!”

  1. Anderson says:

    The semis of the 100m is online as well if you get a chance to see that race.
    Both times Bolt had terrible starts. He had to play catch up and almost lost his semi, and in the final it was the same situation, last out of the blocks playing catch up .

    • CHill says:

      Thanks .. Bolt is beatable, always has been .. But only by strong closers .. He’s been fortunate that he was easily the class of the field in Beijing, and nailed the start in Berlin .. But Stockholm and here shows what happens when he doesn’t against another stud .. And I’m wondering if Daegu it’s in his head – hesitant to try to nail it ?? He false started in the rounds in Berlin, trying to nail it but the rules were different .. Can’t do that now .. And perhaps, Daegu and Stockholm were preludes to today and beyond ..

  2. Adam says:

    I think this opens the door for Gatlin and Gay somewhat. Ive heard that Bolt and Asafa were not 100%. Blake ran a great race but he had to come from behind. what do you think?

    • CHill says:

      I think the race is fairly wide open .. I want to see them all run at least once more before I give my “prediction”, but I do think it’s going to be THE best 100 ever .. Better than Tokyo ’91 in terms of how the race plays out …

  3. Aurelio Feldman says:

    I watched the semi and the final in the Jamaican Trials and if Bolt does not correct his start both Gatlin and Blake will have a big shoot on winning the 100 olympic final.

    Shelly Ann Fraser destroyed her field, with her start as sharp as yesterday Jeter will have to run the race of her life to win the Olympics.

    • CHill says:

      I watched that … Jeter definitely can’t give away too much at the start … If anything at all … First 30 will decide that race !!

  4. Dominique says:

    Based on the times run by the Jamaican Sprinters to win their Trials… they are currently head and shoulders above their US counterparts at this stage.
    In the men, Gatlin can only hope for Asafa Powell to have a weak showing to get on the podium as things stand today.
    Bolt is not on peak form according to his coach Glen Mills, so this past weekend’s results isn’t reason for all challengers to ‘celebrate’ the fall of the ‘mighty’.

    • CHill says:

      I respectfully disagree .. The times for both sets of runners were very comparable .. As for rumors of what form athletes are in, those are always thrown out there and the only thing that matters is what happens on the day .. And of all the sprinters Powell has proven to be an under performer/underachiever when the lights are on ..

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