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Grant Holloway – How Many Subs?

Jan 29th, 2019
6:45 am PST

There are a LOT of exciting young  track and field stars today. Sydney McLaughlin, Noah Lyles, Mondo Duplantis, Gabby Thomas, and Michael Norman to start a list. After watching this past weekends activities however, it hit me that perhaps the most talented athlete out there may be sliding under the radar! 

I remember when Carl Lewis first emerged. Sprinter AND jumper at the elite level. He evoked images of Jesse Owns for many, which meant, legend in the making. Well, what if Carl had learned to hurdle? And run a better quarter. You know, kicked it up a notch. If he had, he would’ve been Grant Holloway, because that’s exactly who /what Holloway is right now!

The Florida junior entered the season as a 27 foot long jumper and 13.15 hurdler – #2 in collegiate history to none other than Renaldo Nehemiah! He’s a fixture on Florida’s 38.49 4×1 and split 44.0 on the 4×4! So, how does he start this indoor season? Well, two weeks ago he runs the deuce and goes 20.69. Then this past weekend he jumps in the 60 and runs a  6.59 heat, before obliterating the field with a 6.51!  Now I could be wrong, but I’d bet money that this kid can run sub-10 and sub-20. And sub-13. And split sub-44. Probably run sub-45. All of which makes him possibly the most versatile athlete on the planet right now in any sport!

Imagine a combination of Carl Lewis and Renaldo Nehemiah! That’s what this kid is. Not only athletically, but his personality as well. He’s got the exuberance of Noah Lyles to go with his athleticism. Another potential spokesman/ambassador for track and field. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Not a savior for the sport, but a sport full of athletes that can evoke excitement and interest in the sport! And THAT is what has been emerging these past couple of seasons. Grant Holloway clearly being among the best of the lot.

I can’t wait to see what else Holloway does this year. Especially with Doha coming later. We’ll get to see him at NC’S indoors and out. US Nationals and, I’m assuming, Worlds. With it being a long year, I’m hoping to see him mix it up a bit, which could mean a deuce or 100 outdoors. At least one can hope. Regardless, this thing man is one of the best in the sport. It’ll be fun watching him whatever he and his coach decide to do.

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