The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

Nationals – Day Four Notes

Jun 27th, 2011
8:09 am PDT


Only about an hours worth of action on the track on the final day, but a pretty exciting hour! And a few surprises.


Anderson In a Photo

I knew that the men’s 400 hurdles was going to be close – and was it ever. Jeshua Anderson showed just how strong he was as he got his first sub48 to go with the win – BARELY. There was only .009 separating him from Bershawn Jackson, with not much more to Angelo Taylor. Great, great stretch run. And a terrific squad headed to Daegu.


Dix Doubles

No Tyson – injury. Gatlin DNS. Wallace Spearmon out in the first round! Xavier Carter out in the semis. Shawn Crawford finally collared by Father Time. Collegians finally ran out of gas. That left Walter Dix with a field that just wasn’t up to the task as he became the meet’s only double winner with a 19.95 (+2.4) run. It was still close, however, as after an eight year hiatus, Darvis Patton returned to the deuce to take second in 19.98 (I’ve been wondering why he was wasting his time in the 100).


Shalonda Flew and a Double for Jeter

At the start of the meet this was supposed to be the race that Sanya Richards ran to try to double in Daegu. Instead it was a breakthrough race for Shalonda Solomon who screamed down the stretch to the win. It also became a chance for Carmelita Jeter to double as she came second in a PR. Jeter lead the semis in a PR, then lead the field off the turn in the final. Then Solomon hit overdrive! Add Solomon and Jeter to the Daegu mix of Felix and Campbell Brown – and now we get Jeter and Campbell Brown TWICE in Daegu!


Nick, I’m Sorry

The men’s 800 went to form – not the predicted form but the form that in retrospect it should have taken. No Wheating who contested only the 1500. Jock did as expected and took out the pace. Symmonds did as expected and kicked to the win – his fourth in a row, leaving me to eat crow! Everyone else seemed to abandon their scripts – and any chance at a trip to South Korea. Sorry I doubted you Nick. Experience prevailed.


Montano – Full Speed Ahead

Montano succeeded where Wurth Thomas didn’t – she took the pace out and held on for the win. Alice Schmidt latched on to Montano and was rewarded with 3rd and a trip to Worlds. But two very surprising things happened during the race. Maggie Vessey stayed close enough for her kick to be effective and she split Montano and Schmidt in 2nd. Even more surprising is that Phoebe Wright never lead in this race! She kept looking for a lane to go though and get there, but never could. Instead she became a kicker and just fell short of the team by .04!


It was an interesting Championship meet. I have a lot to say, but decided to wait and just do a “wrap up” and not do it here. I’ll have that in a day or so. But definitely a lot went on in this meet!

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