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100 Silver Still Cursed?

Jun 30th, 2011
7:32 am PDT


I know I said I was going to recap the field events from Nationals, but I think I will do that in a Preview to Worlds. Mostly because I’m hoping we get a few more athletes in better position, as right now we have a lot of “B” qualifiers and athletes without qualifying marks.

And today we are getting back on track, so to speak, with the next stage of the Diamond League – Lausanne. Before that starts, however, I did want to touch on something that I’ve written about before. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Tyson Gay and his injury, as I’ve mentioned before. And I’m still mulling around in my head exactly how I view his situation. But it did bring to mind something I wrote in ‘09 – that the silver medal in the 100 seems to be cursed.

Following up from where I left off at that time, we still have not seen a return to form from Richard Thompson. 10.01 this year, 10.01 last year, though he did run 9.93 in ‘09 – a time that got him only 5th in the Berlin final on the heels of his Beijing silver.

Silver medalist in Berlin was, Tyson Gay. And as we all now know Tyson will not be competing in Daegu this year due to injury – though he was co—world leader last year at 9.78, was undefeated, beat Usain Bolt, and was ranked #1 in the world. Coincidence? I sure hope so. But I did have someone remind me that I said the medal was cursed and so I thought I would revisit it.

I also had someone suggest that Eugene is cursed for Tyson. Injured at the Trials for Beijing, and now for Daegu. Ironically Eugene is now the home of the most sub10’s run on any track – at least that is what was announced during the meet, I will have to start doing a bit of research. In spite of that, however, it would seem that Mr. Gay could benefit from a change in venue, if for no other reason than variety. It seems in his case familiarity breeds exempt – from the upcoming Major.

In any case it will be interesting to see how Thompson fairs this year and how both Thompson and Gay fair in upcoming years. And it will certainly be interesting to see who wins this year’s silver medal and his fate in the future.

By the way, that 200 silver is starting to look a bit shaky too! The Berlin silver medalist, Alonso Edward, has been inured since. Beijing actual silver medalist, Churandy Martina, disqualified and not near form since. Recipient of the Beijing silver, Shawn Crawford only 4th in Berlin. Osaka silver medalist Bolt upgraded to gold in Beiing and Berlin. But Helsinki silver medalist, Wallace Spearmon, downgraded to bronze in Osaka, disqualified in Beijing, before another bronze in Berlin, and now out for Daegu. Then the previous silver medalists this century (since ‘00), Bernard Williams (‘04), Darvis Patton (‘03), Chris Williams (‘01), Darren Campbell (‘00) all basically disappeared from the sport. Except for Patton who has run fast but no medals in the 100, and is now returning to the deuce for Daegu.

One of those things that makes you go – hmmmm. Anyway, my way of shifting gears – I’ve been in Nationals mode for a couple of weeks now! I’m looking forward to Lausanne. Especially Christophe Lemaitre who seems to be growing week by week and gets to test himself against Asafa Powell. Also looking forward to the triple jump with Teddy Tamgho taking back to the field. He and Idowu should have a nice little head to head. I also want to see just well Sanya Richards is going to preform in the 400 after dropping out at Nationals. There will be a Dayron Robles sighting, and Morgan Uceny in action after her National title win over 1500. Should be a great meet and a nice start to the second half of the season.

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