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World Championships Preview–Triple Jump

Aug 23rd, 2011
4:54 am PDT

The triple may be even more exciting than the long jump as a competitive crew of jumpers take to the runway. Originally the men’s event looked to be one of the hottest events of the meet, but injury has dimmed that a bit. Instead it may be four women that bring chills to the fans.

Men’s Triple Jump

World Record 18.29 / 60’ 0.25” Jonathon Edwards GBR
Meet Record 18.29 / 60’ 0.25” Jonathon Edwards GBR
2009 Gold 17.73 / 58’ 2” Phillips Idowu GBR


2011 Best

  17.91 / 58’ 9.25” Teddy Tamgho FRA
  17.72 / 58’ 1.75” Sheryf El Sheryf UKR
  17.68 / 58’ 0.25” Alexis Copello CUB
  17.68 / 58’ 0.25” Christian Taylor USA
  17.59 / 57’ 8.5” Phillips Idowu GBR
  17.40 / 57’ 1” Ernesto Reve CUB
  17.35 / 56’ 11.25” Will Claye USA

As the year opened this event looked like it was going to be a head to head between defending champion Phillips Idowu (GBR) and the man who keeps producing super long jumps, Teddy Tamgho (FRA).

Then at the close of the indoor season, it looked like Daegu could be Teddy Tamgho in search of Jonathon Edwards, as Tamgho twice had WIR leaps, and won the European indoor title.

We went outdoors and the early story was Idowu and Tamgho. Idowu winning in Rome & Bydgoszcz; Tamgho in Doha, Bondoufle & Montreuil sous Bois. Then two head to heads – Idowu winning in New York, Tamgho in Lausanne – and an Idowu v Tamgho Worlds was looking very good.

Then Tamgho got hurt and had to withdraw. And with Idowou winning in Birmingham to table looked set for him – until two youngsters came alive.   The first was Ssheryf El Sheryf (UKR) who went 17.72/58’ 1.75” to win the European Junior title. His follow up effort in Monaco, however, was an 8th place finish at 16.67/54’ 8.25”. So perhaps Ostrava was a fluke.

The second was Christian Taylor (USA) who had been steadily improving all year and had several wind aided bounds that showed potential. He hit potential pay dirt in London leaping a huge 17.68/58’ 0.25” AND defeating Idowu in the process. Suddenly we might have a serious competition again.

Cuba has a rich history in this event and always has someone in the mix. This time around it looks like it could be Alexis Copello. Copello has several wins outside of the “Circuit” and placed 3rd in Doha, Daegu, Rome & Lausanne, and 2nd in Birmingham & Monaco. He could be dangerous in Daegu.

There are also several veteran jumpers that one would expect to be in the mix, but Nelson Evora (POR), Christian Olsson (SWE) and David Giralt (CUB), among others, have all been well under their bests of previous years. So the questions in this event are: a) are the vets saving it for Worlds, and b) can either of the newbies recreate on the big stage? If the answer to both questions are “no:, then it’s an easy repeat for Idowu.

I say the answers are: age is catching up to some; youth will be served; and a repeat is in the air – following a hop, step and jump:

Gold Phillips Idowu GBR 17.70 / 58’ 1”
Silver Christian Taylor USA 17.65 / 57’ 11”
Bronze Alexis Copello CUB 17.60 / 57’ 9”
Just Missed Christian Olsson SWE 17.40 / 57’ 1”




Women’s Triple Jump

World Record 15.50 / 50’ 10.25” Inessa Kravets UKR
Meet Record 15.50 / 50’ 10.25” Inessa Kravets UKR
2009 Gold 14.95 / 49’ 0.75” Yargelis Savigne CUB


2011 Best

  14.99 / 49’ 2.25” Yargelis Savigne CUB
  14.99 / 49’ 2.25” Caterina Ibarguen COL
  14.98 / 49’ 1.75” Olha Saladuha UKR
  14.96 / 49’ 1” Olga Rypakova KAZ
  14.72 / 48’ 3.5” Paraskevi Papahristou GRE
  14.67 / 48’ 1.75” Natalya Kutyakova RUS
  14.65 / 48’ 0.75” Mabel Gay USA

This just may be one of the most exciting competitions of the year. Co-list leader Yargelis Savigne (CUB) is the defending champion and is having a fine season. Outside of domestic competitions she’s won in Shanghai, Oslo, & Paris, and was runner up in Stockholm. She’s also the most consistent jumper with 5 top 15 jumps.

Co-list leader Caterina Ibarguen (COL) has also had a fine season with 10 victories in South American meets, 6 National records, and 3 Area records. Her lone defeat was in Stockholm where she finished 3rd. That’s a bit deceiving however, when you look at the fact that she only has 2 of the top 15 leaps on the season.

The winner in Stockholm, and conqueror of the list leaders, was Olha Saladuha (UKR) – just one centimeter behind on the tape. Saladuha has wins at Pre, Stockholm & London to go with runner ups in Oslo & Paris. In addition to defeating both women ahead of her on the list, she has been just a tad more prolific with 6 of the top 15 jumps.

At #4 on the list, Olga Rypakova, was 3rd in Shanghai & Paris, and 2nd in London – but only 5th in Oslo. She is the reigning World Indoor champion however, and last year moved to #7 all time at 15.25/ 50’ 0.5” to take the Continental Cup – over Saladuha and Savigne! Giving her two titles in her last two attempts.

This foursome are the longest jumpers, the most consistent, and the most competitive of the women headed for Daegu. It’s four to get three – medals that is. So how does this quartet play out? I expect to see at least one 15 meter jumper in this competition.and at least one big jump early. Tough call but I say the winner keeps winning:

Gold Olga Rypakova KAZ 15.10 / 49’ 6.5”
Silver Olha Saladuha UKR 15.00 / 49’ 2.5”
Bronze Yargelis Savigne CUB 14.95 / 49’ 0.75”
Just Missed Caterina Ibarguen COL 14.80 / 48’ 6.75”


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