The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

Will Marvin Bracy Be the Next Olympic Prep?

Apr 3rd, 2012
10:09 am PDT

It’s rare that high school athletes are able to compete in the Olympic Trials, let alone the Olympic Games. While the Games in it’s infancy was able to produce a Bob Mathias – high school decathlon gold medalist in London (1948). Today’s Olympics are a “professional” affair dominated by athletes that train year round and get paid to do so Read More...

Lee Evans to Have Brain Surgery

Dec 22nd, 2011
4:15 pm PDT

Scanning the internet I just came across the news that Olympic gold medalist Lee Evans is set to undergo surgery on a tumor in the pituitary gland area of his brain. While it doesn’t seem to be getting much play this is big news for the world of track and field – at least for those of us old enough to remember cinder tracks and hand timing Read More...