The CHill Zone of T&F: Conway's View From the Finish Line

Worlds Preview – Sprints & Hurdles

Jul 30th, 2013
8:27 pm PDT

The preliminaries are done and now it's time for the main event! The World Championships are about ready to begin and it's crystal ball time. Although I'm not sure how well a crystal ball is going to work for this meet with so few sure things heading into Moscow. But this is the fun part, so I have to give it a try Read More...

Out on a Limb Predictions for 2013

Mar 14th, 2013
5:51 pm PDT

We’re finally headed to the great outdoors. No, not Yosemite or Yellowstone, I'm talking about the 400 meter ovals we call tracks – and what I'm anticipating is going to be one of the greatest seasons ever. Last year's Games were outstanding, and with the World Championships on tap I would expect many top athletes to still be in form as they've been able to add to last year’s base Read More...

Pre Games Thoughts – The Sprints

Jul 23rd, 2012
9:34 am PDT

My predictions are out there, and I knew that there would be some disagreement. But then a wise man once said, "if everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking". So for those not understanding why we're not thinking the same thing, I thought I would give a little insight into how I came to my conclusions Read More...

Olympic Predictions – London 2012

Jul 21st, 2012
11:29 am PDT

OK, it’s time to do this. I’ve procrastinated long enough. I kept hoping that the “next meet” would clear things up, but even Monaco yesterday just made things harder. As a matter of fact you will see some changes even from my US medal hopes of a couple of days ago – things are that fluid in my opinion Read More...

American Medal Hopes

Jul 19th, 2012
10:11 am PDT

Ok, it's time to climb out on that limb and stick my neck out. I'm sure by the time I'm done there will be several whacks taken at it. So I’m going out gingerly by starting with my list of American athletes that I think have medal potential. I'm sure the first comment will be that we will never win thirty eight medals! And I agree, all of those names will not translate into medals Read More...

Pre Games Prediction Thoughts

Jul 18th, 2012
7:35 am PDT

The Games are almost here, and I'm still shaky on most of the events with literally days left in the count down. I'm going to be watching every little meet that comes along for clues, but then along comes a meet like Luzern today that makes me pause yet again. The only thing that I'm certain of today is that these Games are going to be rather unpredictable Read More...

Olympic Trials Predictions

Jun 14th, 2012
10:27 am PDT

Here we go. We’re a week away from the “Almost” Big Dance – the US Olympic Trials. And to be honest I’m not sure I have any more clarity today than I did a month ago! There have been some outstanding performances followed by so so performances. Some athletes haven’t seemed to get untracked while some seem to be in near Olympic form Read More...

My EARLY Trials Favorites

Apr 10th, 2012
7:25 pm PDT

It’s going to be a busy week and there will be lots to talk about. We’ve got the Boston Marathon going off a week from yesterday, and I want to take a look at the field and that course – I mean how many WINDY distance races can you find? The Mt SAC Relays are in a week and it looks like they are going to have some outstanding athletes in attendance Read More...

Projected U.S. Indoor Champions

Feb 20th, 2012
10:55 am PDT

We’re getting ready to wind this indoor season down. Several countries will now put together their teams for the World Indoor Championships in Istanbul, Turkey, which will be the culmination of the season. Here in the U.S. that process will be a Trials meet this coming weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico Read More...